Custom Jewelry Designer

Jeff West - Designer/Craftsman

Jeff West spent most of his childhood in Peru, South America. From a young age, he learned to appreciate the high level of craftsmanship of Peruvian artisans producing items such as pottery, wood working, textiles and jewelry.

Jeff began his jewelry career at the age of 15. It was a part time job filing, sanding and polishing rings for a local jeweler. This led to apprenticing the art of gold casting, finishing, gem setting and engraving. He also began experimenting with wax carving and model making as well.

What began as a minimum wage part-time summer job turned into an exciting career. He worked through College, graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University  in 1996 with a B.S. in Marketing, Business Administration & History.

Jeff moved to Indianapolis in 1996 and began work at Wright & Company Jewelers as a wax carver and metal smith. He worked with Steve Wright for over three years, but always wanted to have his own independent studio. His dream became reality in March of 1999. He began offering his subcontract craftsman service to local jewelry stores. A leap of faith heightened by a longing to be independent was the best and most difficult choice he had ever made. Working from his private studio in Broad Ripple, Indiana, he served several independent retail jewelry stores and jewelry studios in Indianapolis.

Jeff originally had no intention of offering his services to the retail public. However, over time private and personal referrals began to grow rapidly.  Also, "non-referred" customers were finding him online nation wide.  By 2011, it was time to open a private retail jewelry studio and focus solely on retail clientele.

Today Jeff works by appointment only, from a private jewelry design studio located just south of the Fashion Mall on the Indianapolis north side. No referral is necessary. He enjoys all the aspects of designing, crafting and delivering the final product.  Risk, hard work, constant learning, innovative ideas and techniques, and many long days and nights at the bench, has placed Jeff among the best.


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